Thankyou sir for increasing the confidence and conceptual clarity with excellent notes. I can feel now that i will definitely clear the exam.


I don't think there is any better way of revision. Your way of explaining the concept is awesome. your advises and systematic way of studying is helping me alot. Thanks alot sir , you are an inspiration for me.

Mayank Bindal

My experience with sir was really interesting as i overcome my biggest fear of Direct Tax . After taking classes from you my confidence has been build up.

Sanjay Pareek

The best experience of Teacher-Student Relationship. Thankyou sir for making taxation my favourite subject because before meeting you I hate Tax. The best part is, sir you take care of all subjects rather than only Tax

Manpreet Kaur

It's been a good experience learning here, I am glad that I came here. There are a lot of things which will stay with me ever now and in future as well.


Sir provide best guidance for all subjects and motivates the students to overcome the examination fear.

Priyanka Dhanuka

You are the best sir. You have not only performed the role of teacher but also mentor, guider. You have supported in all the possible ways. I am glad to be your student.

Sonam Surendra Singh

My experience with sir was very good. I really like the way sir makes notes in the class. With such a presentation it becomes easy for us to remember. Thakyou sir for supporting us in not only in DT /IDT but also in other subjects.

Yathesht Sharma

Thankyou sir for your kind hearted and selfless teaching. It was a great experience.

Gulzar Ghosh

You are an excellent teacher, best motivator, guider & counselor. You are TRUE INSPIRATION  for me. Thankyou sir for your valuable ideas and time

Himani Jain

Full coverage of syllabus was done in an efficient manner in such a short span of time. Welldone sir.

Divyansh Ginotia

I really enjoyed the way sir taught and solved our queries. Thankyou sir to make me understand concepts in easy way.

Paridhi Gupta

Sir, you are a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. I have implemented all your suggestions and they really helped me the way too much. Thankyou so much sir.

Aditi Gupta

Perfect Notes. I had never done this before.

Ritu Chauhan

Thankyou for immense knowledge of Direct Tax & Life. The theme of colored pens is the best.

Sagar Singh

I have got wonderful experience with sir. I have learnt the real meaning of "WHAT THE DISCIPLINE IS ?" and how to make effective notes for quick revision at exam time. 

Priyank Rastogi

Sir you have great teaching style with both practical and concept based knowledge. Aapka woh bolna "Bolo Na" keep us activated all the time during class hours.

Himanshu Gupta

Sir your way of teaching is superb. Explaining every difficult part in a simple way is the great talent that you have.

Mansi Verma

Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki aise sir milenge jo CA Final level pe test lenge and will take care of students not only for his subject but also for other subjects too.

Lavi Aggarwal

Very nice experience. All my doubts are cleared and now I am ready to prepare for exam in comfortable way . Thank you so much sir for spreading your knowledge with us so that we can succeed in our exam.

Purnima Budhiraja

Sir, you are very good teacher &also very strict which is very good part of yours.You have made Taxation so easy. 

Rishabh Jain

The most punctual teacher I've ever met.Your method of teaching is very simple & brief.You are the best teacher.


Wonderful experience.All concepts are clear.Systematic study,feeling very much happy after taking classes. Thank you Sir!!

Aditi Saini

Besides the syllabus, the focus on presentation of answers and how to score marks is really helpful. Also, the notes are easy to understand. Personal interaction with the teacher is the most beneficial part.  

Ruchika Maheshwari

Taking class from you is very nice experience.I am thinking why I didn't come to you earlier. Your teaching style is awesome. You teach concept in very simple & understandable way. Thank you sir.

Sujit Chauhan

It was amazing experience taking your class. Really appreciate the simple and summerised notes and different way of teaching.

Aman Jain

Direct Tax is now directly feeded into my mind. Thankyou sir.

Shubham Gupta

  • The method of teaching is awesome.
  • Sir your guidance plays a vital role in life of every student's life.
  • The approach of conducting Mock Test of every subject is very helpful and excellent.

Ashish Goel

I haven't taken classes of DT & IDT then I was like how I will make it.But after taking your class I am very much confident and having feeling that I would be able to crack the exam and add those two prefix "CA" before my name. Thankyou for all such support

Vipin Mittal

Teaching style of Vijay Sir is very nice.The way he teaches a concept "Hindi-cum-English",is the best part. Overall experience is very good. Thankyou sir.

Aditya Wadhwa

Kudos to Vijay Sir.He compiled the vast syllabus if Direct Tax in a very effective manner with emphasis on the relevant aspects of the course to pass the exam with good marks.

Mansi Sharma

Sir is very supportive & motivating. All doubts are entretained, if not possible in class then personally.Guidance given by sir is really effective. Such a vast syllabus is compiled in really precised manner & in simplified notes. 

Poonam Aggarwal

"It takes a big heart to help shape a little mind"CA Vijay Gaurav sir has actually encouraged me to study this subject "Direct Taxation" whole heartedly. He has positively enlightened me to keep faith in me. I respect his countless efforts for educating us to study positively with confidence.

Kanika Sharma

You are the best "GURU". Sir, teacher and mentor toh koi bhi ban jata hai but sahi mayne me aap GURU hain. Thankyou for building cofidence and guiding me the correct path wherever i was lacking behind.

Manish Goel

Amazing efforts taken up by sir in completing such vast course and so difficult subjects in just a short span of time. Clarity in each topic and concept.

Vineet Singhal

I am so grateful to CA Vijay Gaurav Sir for sharing knowledge with us so that we can achieve success in our exams. Thankyou sir for your efforts for conducting test for all papers.

Purnima Budhiraja

I have learnt from you not to get scared of any problem and try to solve that by cool mind.


It was a blessing to meet you. In today's world of 'Business of Teaching and Coaching', a person like you is rare and you are purely a Gem as a person, as a teacher, as a guide, as a mentor, as someone whom I have always looked upto. Every student should inculcate everything that you provide in terms of teaching and lesssons of life.I'm moving towards a new beginning because of you.

Shrini Priya

Please start satellite classes also !!!

Arvind Sharma

Sir your notes are very much helpful for quick revision at exams times.Your teaching way is the best, Thankyou so much for the test schedules.

Lavi Aggarwal

You teaching style, individual assistance and motivating words are the best.
DT was my phobia. But now it's very easy for me . Thankyou sir for removing the phobia of DT.

Manish Goel

The crash course provided by you is not just a crash course, it is really a "MIRACLE MANTRA".The most difficult subject of the entire CA cirriculum has now become the most interesting & under control subject for us. Moreover, there is no substitute of you, sir. The content, lecture, guidelines & instructions provided by you is not comparable at all. Thanx is really a very small word for your incredible services towards a student.

Yogender Bansal

QUICK DT REVISION before exams, CONFIDENCE BOOSTER for students. Self written concepts in the book helps in the better understanding and conceptual clarity. TO-THE-POINT lectures and exam tips help to reduce the extra efforts during exam revision.

Sarthak Bajaj

Marvellous teaching approach. Sir helped me alot in removing the fear of DT.

Nishant Vats

I found this class VERY EFFECTIVE FOR ONE DAY REVISION. Thanx for your support.

Ravi Kashyap

Teaching style of sir is very excellent. Sir treats all his students like his own children. Thankyou Sir.

Chetan Sharma

I have cleared my CPT in Dec 2013 and then appeared in first attempt of IPC in Nov 14 and result was fail then again appeared in another attempt in May’15 and Nov’15 but result was same as previous then I consulted with Vijay Gaurav sir and he provided me proper guidance and the correct way of study and how to learn. He suggested me to give test on regular basis and I followed the instructions given by him, after all that I appeared in May’16 attempt and this time result was Positive . I cleared my IPC First Group only because of scheduled studies given by my mentor one & only Vijay Gaurav Sir.

Aman Gupta

The decision oftaking DT class from Vijay Gaurav sir was absolutely right. During the initialdays I was wondering whether the course will be finished or not. But now i am surprised that the whole course was covered in 15 days. The best part was that sir hasconsidered all the doubts of all the students. Thank you so much sir, forgiving us amazing notes & for clearing all the doubts and definitely Iwould make sure that I will be in touch with you in future as well.

Shobha Kamboj

Sir your teaching style is very different. I was scared in tax before taking classes but after joining classes my confidence has been build. Thanking you sir.

Gurpreet Kaur

I like sir's teaching style. Sir cleared all my doubts now i can do easily practical questions. It is the first time that I am using four colour pen in making notes and thenotes are very understandable and helpful for quick revision.

Ajay Sharma

When I came to know about taxation within only 15 classes, I was surprised that how can one complete the whole IPC Taxationsyllabus in just 15 classes, But now after taking classes, I am confident enough thattaxation is not a difficult subject infact its too interesting.Sir always helps to improve mistakes

Love Bhola

Really Liked the teaching style and speed of teaching.A very good time experience in the class and back up facility is one of the best thing.


Mayank Srivastava

I had a very good experience in CA VIJAY GAURAV Sir's classes. Sir conducts mock tests every week for all subjects which is very helpful to evaluate our performance as per my experience, no other teacher conducts any type of test series on regular basis which is the best part of joining these classes.

Kashish Gupta

First of all I would like to express my gratitude towards CA VIJAY GAURAV SIR for teaching us taxation, one of the most hardest subject feltby CA students in the most interesting way.Your methods of teaching helped me in understanding and studying taxation very easily and in very short duration of time. At last I would like to say You’re a teacher cum a true motivator for all of us. 

Mansi Maheshwari

It was very nice experience having taught by sir. you have done impossible thing possible.

Prakhar Mehta

From 15 Days classes of DT, this subject becomes easierthrough the teaching style of Sir, In previous attempt, I was very scared aboutHow to revise the whole DT subject in one day before exam but now I am veryconfident about revision.

Thank you sir for your Best Teaching.

Nisha Gupta

Sir, First thanks to you for this class. This class is more and more satisfactory.I am free from fear of Direct Tax. I can devote and  save time toother subject also. After this class this may be possible to become professional.Sir give equal weight in theory and practical questions keep it maintain sir, Uare the best in Direct Tax.

Rohit Kumar

I have never thought that it would be possible to complete Direct Tax Syllabus in just 15days . But, it has been made possible by you, sir I thank you for removing fear ofDT and making it easier and understandable.

Vishal Mishra

It was very nice experience studying with sir by way of the flow charts &tables make it easier to understand complex provisions & rules. The questions given by sir in the book are completely exam oriented and doing them only, is sufficient for preparation to secure excellent marks.

Sakshi Sharma

·        The teaching is very fluid & conductive CAVijay Gaurav Sir takes utmost case that the content is properly updated &most relevant from examinations point of view.

·    The tests regularly conducted help a student toknow his level before appearing for the exam.Proper follow up after each test.

Sakshi Sharma

After taking classes from CA Vijay Gaurav sir, I have gained confidence in DT & IDT both. Your way of teaching is different and excellent. I appreciate it.

Aayushi Bindal

You are one of the best teachers whom i have studied from. I found great efficiency in the class.

Vikas Malik

The best part is that sir makes us to write notes ourselves which helps to stay concentrated and awake during class hours.

Vaishali Bhardwaj

Your guidance is very useful for me. DT is very much incontrol and I hope for better performance in exams.

Thank You Sir for teaching DT in this effective way where weget 100% clarity about the subject and for examination also.

Swati Sharma

Ithas always been a great experience studying under the guidance of respected CAVijay Gaurav sir. The clarification of concepts and coverage of subject matter injust 15 Days is unbelievable. I would like to thank sir for uplifting my confidenceto crack DT. 

Nabin Gurung

The exam oriented approach followed by Sir is reallyhelpful. I have seen this much target oriented teacher first time in my life. In starting it was unbelievable that how can one could complete such a vast syllabusin just 15 classes but as the class passed it got completed with an ease.Thankyou sir, learned a lot from you

Ujjawal Jain

Theseclasses really build my confidence, Vijay  Gaurav Sir is doing excellent job. His oneto one interaction makes the student feel comfortable and ask his queriesfreely. Sir also boosts the confidence of student in his class. The bestreturn we can give in lieu of your hard work would be that we pass theexam.  May God Bless you 

Vipin Bansal

Such a very unique teaching style, I had taken a CRASH COURSE only because there is FULL COVERAGE of syllabus. I had feel such a great experience at Vijay Gaurav Sir's classes

Mohit Srivastava

It was a great experience taking class under guidance of Vijay Gaurav Sir. It was one of the most disciplined classes that I have ever attended.Teaching style and making notes in such a easy language to understand was the best thing.

Abhishek Kumar

Before joining VG Classes, I had no idea that Taxation course can be covered within 20 days. But this is just because of Vijay Gaurav Sir  that we completed  it on time.

Akansha Badola

I Like the quality of sir for being serious in the class and supportive in every situation as well checking the homework of every student on regular basis.

Nishant Gupta

Dear Sir, Your teaching style is very good. Main focus on Hand writing, Presentation and Evaluation of Performance was very helpful for me in the preparation of exam.

Mayank Singhal

Great Teaching style with such dedication of teaching, sparks a new way of ray of hope within me. This really helps me in my examination. Providing such a motivational & educational environment in the class room makes it a great place to take classes here.

Ankit Verma

CA Vijay Gaurav Sir have the best knowledge of Taxation. I love sir's teaching style.Thank You Sir

Himanshu Sharma

It was very good experience with Sir, as all my doubts got cleared. Sir pays core focus on the concepts and also revise them along with questions.  Thank You…

Kamya Verma

Different teaching style. Easy to memorise in the way it is revised in class. And the practical questions are good enough for whole revision.


Diwankar Yadav

Your teaching style is excellent & we got our all queries solved in the class itself. Thanks for your support for teaching us.



Before coming to “VGPSPL” I was almost nil about the Direct tax numerical but after taking the classes I am now in a position to play with questions and that credit goes to Sir only! Tax had been a tough subject for me former but now I can say it is not so! Thank You Sir… 

Harshita Singh

For a starter like me who took up with the very basics of taxation right two months before the crucial exam, the experience of Vijay Gaurav Sir’s class has been a blessing in disguise. He guided me my way ahead and helped me keep my focus intact only on the important concepts as per examination point of view. I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to pull the attempt or not but he has been a constant source of Inspiration and Motivation. His ease and expertise with the subject marks concepts crystal clear and removes a student’s fear. Thank You Sir...

Mani Sood

My good experience is share with CA Vijay Gaurav sir during taxation classes. My all taxation doubts and concepts is already clear. Before i am not so good in indirect tax but after take CA Vijay Gaurav sir classes i am very well understand all questions in Indirect tax and Direct tax as well. 

Ratan Bera

The First day, i met with sir, i got his words and guidance really motivating. His teaching style covering entire vast syllabus of IPC Taxation in just 20 Classes with proper concepts taking all sorts of doubts of students really amazing. I learn a lot from Vijay Sir not only concepts and complexities of tax but also proper time management, motivation and many more things from ZERO in Tax, I think now i am MASTER OF TAX and all credit goes to Vijay Gaurav Sir.  


After joining sir's batch , i am feeling confident enough that i will crack the exam this time surely.

Ansh Nagpal

sir's TECHNIQUE OF MAKING FLOW CHART for explaining the complex concept of taxation which makes it very easy to understand and clarified .

Lovit Varshney

Sir is concerned about every student the way as guardian do. His guidence is very important and fruitful for us.

Hemendra Kumar Choudhary

I didn't take classses of tax in regular batch from any teacher ; joined 20 days batch of CA Vijay Gaurav sir, here i got covered all the concept with atmost clarity which strengthened me with confidence.

Poonam Gautam

It was all  good experience to take classes from CA Vijay Gaurav sir. His teaching style is different from other teachers in the market.

Anshuman Narula

You are the excellent simplifier of complex provisions and a teacher-cum-friend.

Maibam Priyobrata

Your style of teaching is excellent.

Tijender Singh

Thankyou sir, After taking classes from you I felt quite comfortable in provisions and practicles also i felt that "I found a missing treasure of knowledge"

Sanchit Kumar

Your extraordinary teaching experience provided "Maximum coverage in minimum time."

Sandeep Dhaka

Sir your teaching style is excellent and we got all our querries resolved in class. Thakyou for your support and teaching us


Sir, your way of teaching is very good. i have no doubt been remaining after learning from you. The way you give 100% attention to all your students is excellent. The approach of using different colour pens makes it easy to revise the important points.

Akshita Mishra

Sir , I am feeling very comfortable in taxation after joining your class. I am going to join you in FINAL , definitely.


Sir, You are the ultimate king maker of taxation. Your teaching style is totally different from others.


You are the best teacher , your teaching style is totally different from other having simplified approach.

Chetna Sikka

I am feeling very confident by learning the subject in simplest way which made me feeling comfortable during revision .


After joining your class i believe that it is really possible to complete tax syllabus in such a short span of time of 20 days with full coverage and satisfaction as well.

Girdhar Singh

You are having perfection in teaching style. You make the concepts very easy to understand.

Sandeep Kumar

Sir, Your teaching style is excellent. The approach of using different colour pens is unique. it makes it easy to revise all the matter and highlights the aspect to be special concern.

Harish Kumar

I got my level enhanced enough to be confident in Taxation the most , after joining your class.

Shivam Sharma

You solve each and every querry of every student  giving equal importance whether the querry is small or lengthy one.

Aman Gupta

Sir your teaching style is just PERFECT.

Aman Gupta

Your method of teaching is very outstanding and the notes with graphical representation are awesome to quick revision.

Sanjay Dhaka

Here in VG classes BEST GUIDANCE available on every topic. Best compliments for future.

Rahul Mahendra

It was all good to join CA Vijay Gaurav Sir's classes. He cleared all my doubts & concept.As i joined sir's batch i got much clarity in both Direct tax and indirect tax.

Rohan Bera

It was an complimenting experience with sir I have cleared all my doubts. Thankyou so much sir for giving such knowledge.

Akshit Sharma

Sir's way of teaching is very nice. The way he explain the concept is simply good. He is very understanding teacher who deals with each and every querry.

Rohit Verma

Sir is constant source of inspiration and motivation. His ease and expertise with the subject makes the concept crystal clear and removes a student's fear.

Mani Sood

Sir, your teaching style is so good and also the examples you give. You give individual attention and satisfaction too. I enjoyed joining your classes.

Rohit Verma

It is such a wonderful class i have taken ever before.

Mohammad Umar

"Better than best"  Sir . the motivate you provide in class built the confidence which i have lost .

Krishna Motiwala

Sir , You are my best friend and act as a father.

Naveen Babu

Sir, Your teaching style is very good as you give individual attention to each and every student. You are very punctual also.

Neha Jhasotiya

Sir completes all the questions in class which makes us feel relaxed and helpful at the time of revision 

Satish Kumar

The most impressive thing about sir is that he gives concern not only TAX but also ALL SUBJECTS and conduct tests as well which helps in examinations

Rekha Gupta

Sir makes the typical topics easy to understand with excellent skills.It was a wonderful experience under his guidance.

Akanksha Kapoor

The way of teaching of sir is best  He clear all the doubts in class and make us feel confident.He gives concern to all other subjects as well.

Rajat bhatia

Sir has completed the Taxation course in just 20 days!! with indepth revision as well as examples having concept clarity.Commendable experience!!!

Akshit Jain

Thorough coverage of full course in short span of time is wonderfull. All the important points and ammendments were made highlighted and explained very well.

Punit Aggarwal

The way of teaching is excellent and sir make the subject very simple by summarising the provisions in flowcharts

Ujwal Arora

Great learning experience, concept wise, logic wise of IDT. Now IDT becomes easy for me.


Great Learning experience. All Concepts of Indirect Tax were explained in an extremely easy manner.

Eeshan Sethi (CA FINAL IDT)

Teaching style of Vijay Sir is fantastic with major focus on concepts.

Abhishek Rai

Very Nice style of teaching with the use of flowcharts

Khushboo Singh

Whenever sir simplify a difficult provision so easy to understand i want to applaud for him

Sachin Mavi

"Best Teacher to teach Business & Profession Chapter"

Sanidhay Anand

The notes provided in the class are very good and the way of teaching is the best part of Vijay Gaurav Sir.

Sanyam Jain

The way sir covers all the concepts is marvelous

Himanshu Arora

Vijay Gaurav Sir is excellent teacher with vast knowledge in taxation. Sir make us confident in every subject through flow chart presentation.

Puneet Aswani

I liked your way of teaching. It is different from others.

Rajan Sharma

Excellent coaching, excellent knowledge, BEST TEACHER OF TAXATION.

Ravi Sharma

Sir, I like your teaching style, the way you express your words, each and every thing and the statement by you 'ALL THE POWERS ARE WITHIN YOU'.

Shubhank Pandit

My opinion towards Sir is very good, his enthusiasm in class amazed me a lot. His indepth knowledge of tax is very good and help me a lot

Palak Sethi

You are the best teacher, pahle main question solve nahi kar pati thi but aab kar sakti hu. Thank you very much

Monika Parihar

Sir, you are fully loaded with knowledge. The good teaching style and know how to boost the student confidence.

Sujit Mishra

U did the best, no one can teach whole taxation with full conceptual clarity         

Rohit Kumar

It's a perfect place to get huge return more than expectations. "I'll pray to god that V.G. sir will be on top soon. 


Akshay Yadav

“Everything is excellent sir, ‘‘AAPNE TOH TAX S BHOOT HI NEEKAL DIYA”

Amir Khan

The teaching style is quiet different from the market scenario. This is the best part of V.G classes.

Nishant Khawja

Teaching method is excellent; the fear of numerical inside me has been removed due to you.

Sagum Khanal

 “Daily half an hour for revision by giving question on previous class concept and refreshment concept was very good”. More and more question practice in class and home will be very effective.

Yogesh Kataria

 Taking class of taxation from you is worth for us and totally “paisa vasool”. No one else can clear the concepts just like you do.


Way of teaching is awesome. Each section taught very brilliantly, keep it up.

Gambhir Jung malla

The way of your summarizing the provisions of tax are very useful for us.

Keshav Tiwari

Thank You, Sir; you just kill the fear of tax inside me. I was scared of Taxation, It was the only subject because of when I drop my May, 2011 attempt, but now I am very much confident all because of you.

Rahul singh

As per my opinion, sir you are very good work for student .Thank you Sir

Shruti Pvshkarna

The quality is great, and the difference can be seen in comparison to other place.


The style of teaching is great, compact and very precise. It is better than where I Studied before.


Sir, I am very thankful to you. After your lectures my confidence in Taxation has improved a lot.

Divya Haritwal

The method of teaching is very good. Just carry on this method and these techniques.

Rahul Goel

PLEASE STAY LIKE THIS DO NOT CHANGE your friendly behavior that help us to reduce our Fear

Shubham Maheshwari

V.G sir is best teacher in the field of Tax. That’s why I want to say the entire student please join V.G sir class. Thank you.

Ashutosh Kumar Panday

Teaching style is excellent and the focus on the concept with examples is mind blowing.

Rahul Barsainya

Everything is absolutely correct and the teaching style is best.


It‘s a perfect place to get huge return more than expectation. ”I WILL PRAY TO GOD THAT V.G SIR WILL BE ON ‘TOP’ SOON”.

Aayushi Sharma